Editions numériques

french books and practical guide to discover France and French

Editions numériques

Livre Editions Kolibri to learn French

App to learn French for ipad and android

Livre Editions Kolibri to learn French

Audio books to learn French and discover France

Kolibri Languages Practical Guides
Organised for easy reference and attractively illustrated, the Practical Guides are a unique combination of insider knowledge and structured language help (including an audio CD for pronunciation).

Pocket book to disvover France

Kolibri Languages Pocket Guides
For learners of French and the many travellers fascinated by France and French life, this is an original new collection of pocket-sized guides.

Ipad et Kindle applications to learn and practice French

Kolibri Languages Digital
The books are also available in digital versions that preserve the attractive layout of the books. The expression you need at your fingertips.


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